David Brown has helped many people understand the importance of healing from dysfunctional relationships. In his book, Unresolved Wounds, he explained how to identify weapons of self-destruction. Learning how to forgive yourself is imperative for self-growth. In this anticipated new book, Let It  Go, David helps you let go of unproductive relationships and strongholds. 

This book covers topics like how to overcome:


-emotional abuse

-toxic relationships

-dysfunctional language

-fatal attractions


In addition, you will learn how to properly grieve after a relationship termination, and how to heal after a broken relationship, and learn how to enjoy freedom after a relationship termination. 


Let It Go offers hope and simple strategies on how to recover after dysfunctional relationships. This book will help you learn how to love again and become a whole version of you. Get ready to get your life back on track with drama free life. 


About the Author

David Brown is the founder of City Changers Church. He holds a bachelors degree in Business Managment and a masters degree in Theology and a minor in Family Therapy. David has spent a lot of his time being a relationship coach. After failed marriages and relationships he formed his training on how to heal after toxic relationships.

Let It Go


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