Are you ready to open your imagination to the possibility that God has chosen you to be his favorite? We all have honest moments when we’re gripped by God expression of favor in our lives. That who we are matters more. In Chosen to be Blessed, Pastor David Brown draws on the biblical principles to empower you to take a God-given journey, and to stretch your limited resources and abilities in ways you never thought possible, replace the images of yourself that keep you feeling stuck in the pit and make a significant impact with your life starting today. We are blessed in the city, we are blessed in the fields, your are blessed when you come and go. If you’re tired of being ordinary, it’s time to dream bigger. If you’re feeling like your in last place, get ready to go to the front of the line. It’s time to start smaller. It’s time to walk in God’s favor for your life.

Chosen – To Be Blessed

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    David Brown 2019