About Dave Brown

David Brown, Sr, is immensely becoming a respected voice in his generation. He is a ministry trailblazer, an apostolic leader, and a strategic coach for market place ministry. A visionary, that has developed successful business, churches, and youth movements across the world. He has been in ministry for 21 years and has served as the senior leader of David Brown Ministries International. David is also gifted in his business endeavors. He holds three earned academic degrees in the areas of leadership, business and ministry.

As an apostolic leader, he oversees The Outpour Network which is a network of youth leaders and pastors across the world that shares the common interest to reach, teach, and develop disciples across the world. We also help support local and global missions and provide opportunities for youth to experience serving others.

In addition, David is also the CEO of Hungry Entrepreneur Academy which serves as a platform for developing six figure income business owners. In this Academy attendees learn how to build businesses on a shoestring budget to develop wealth. David believes that as Christians that God has a plan for our lives that is greater than living pay check to pay check. Step into abundant living with David Brown’s System Hungry Entrepreneur Academy (HEA).

David is not only a powerful preacher, a savvy business owner, and a strategic educator. He is also an author of six successful books that deals with setting goals to unlocking your purpose.

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